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Dr John Bio

My Dedication to helping pets has been a lifelong commitment. I spent summers working in a veterinary hospital since age 5. My Fondest Memories include assisting with c-sections by helping the newborns breath and keeping them warm. My father was a veterinarian. Ever since, veterinary medicine has been my passion.

I earned my undergraduate degree in biology from Tuskegee University. Afterwards, I attended Tuskegee University School of Veterinary medicine and earned a doctor of veterinary medicine degree. Gaining the ability to help pets in a manner that I had grown up observing, was a dream come true. A deep satisfaction is gained whenever I can help and injured or sick animal return to health. After school, I did vaccination clinics with different organizations, and continued to work with my father at Angeles Vista Pet Medical Center. There was a great benefit for me to work with my father. I was able to absorb all of the knowledge possible from a seasoned professional, in able to supplement and enhance my practicing knowledge. This is a true family business.


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